Plugin API

Retrieve Data

You can access various data stored in the Eagle application through methods provided by the Eagle Plugin API, such as files, folders, libraries, etc. Here are some simple examples:

Example 1: Get the currently selected file in the application

let selected = await eagle.item.getSelected();

Example 2: Get files by specified conditions

let items = await eagle.item.get({
ids: [],
isSelected: true,
isUnfiled: true,
isUntagged: true,
keywords: [""],
ext: "",
tags: [],
folders: [],
shape: "square",
rating: 5,
annotation: "",
url: ""

Example 3: Get the currently selected folder in the application

let folders = await eagle.folder.getSelected();
In addition to the above, the Eagle Plugin API provides many different APIs for getting information. Please click the link below to view the complete information: