Prepare Plugin

Some suggestions to read before publishing your plugin.

Before publishing your plugin, please make sure it complies with our Eagle Developer Policies.

Plugin Naming

Plugin naming should at least meet the following criteria:

  • Clear Naming The name of the plugin should clearly reveal its main function or purpose, allowing users to immediately understand the purpose of the plugin when browsing. For example, a plugin that helps users organize bookmarks can be named "Bookmark Master" instead of using vague names like "Super Tool".

  • Word Limit To ensure the simplicity of the plugin name, we recommend that the plugin name should not exceed 30 characters or 6 words. A name that is too long may confuse users and affect the display of the plugin in the list.

  • Nouns Instead of Verbs The name of the plugin should be mainly nouns, not verbs. This can help users better understand the function of the plugin. For example, "Image Editor" is more suitable as the name of the plugin than "Edit Image".

  • English Naming Convention If your plugin name uses English, each word should be capitalized, unless it is a specific term. For example, it should be written as "Image Editor" instead of "image editor".

  • Plugin names should follow the Apple Style Guide specifications

    • ✅ Suitable plugin names include:

      • Bulk Image Downloader This plugin name clearly indicates that its function is to download images in bulk.

      • Duplicate Image Finder This name clearly indicates that the function of the plugin is to find duplicate images.

      • Image Metadata Editor V2 This name clearly indicates that the function of the plugin is to edit the metadata of images, and it is version 2.

    • ❌ Not recommended plugin names include:

      • Extension For Pics This name is too general and does not provide any functional information about the plugin.

      • Adobe Image Organizer Unless you have Adobe's authorization, proprietary names should not be used in the name.

      • Image#Sorter This name uses special characters #, which may cause process code errors or be difficult to understand.

Plugin Description

The plugin description should meet at least the following criteria:

  • Clear and Concise Description The description of the plugin should be able to explain its main function and purpose clearly in two sentences. For example, a plugin that compresses thumbnail image files may be described as "One-click compression of various mainstream format images, saving material space." An inappropriate description may be "Super, awesome tool that makes your design work better."

  • Word Limit To keep the description concise, we recommend that the plugin description should not exceed 100 characters. A long description may make users feel lengthy and difficult to understand.

  • Appropriate Use of Keywords Your plugin description should focus on functionality and purpose, and should not include other keywords unrelated to the plugin. For example, if your plugin is used to manage notes, the description should avoid words like "game" or "music" that are unrelated to the plugin.

Plugin Icon

We have designed an Icon generator for you, which you can find here.

The plugin icon should meet at least the following criteria:

  • Use Template Design To maintain the consistency of the style and tone of the plugin center, you should use the official template provided by us to design your plugin icon. This ensures that your plugin is consistent with the overall aesthetic style of the plugin center.

  • Icon Padding There should be a certain amount of padding around your plugin icon, which makes it easier to recognize in the plugin center list. For example, if your icon is a blue circle, you should leave a certain amount of blank space between the edge of the circle and the edge of the icon, rather than filling the circle with the entire icon.

  • High Resolution The resolution of the plugin icon published to the plugin center should be at least 256 × 256 pixels (px), and in PNG format.

Seek Help

If you feel that designing an icon is not your strong suit, try asking for help in the community.

Plugin Cover Image

Your cover screenshot will be displayed in the plugin center list and detail pages, and users can click and browse them to get a more detailed understanding of the functions provided by your plugin before installation. You can provide a cover image, and more details can be provided in the description. We recommend adding at least three images in the detailed description to help users understand the functions provided by your plugin and make your plugin details more beautiful.

Necessary Information for Review Staff

If your plugin requires additional configuration, such as an API token, starting a specific system configuration, or opening other third-party application processes, please provide a README file as an instruction manual and place it in the root directory of your plugin for review staff to refer to.